Unimog Euro 6



The Unimog

versatile and contemporary

High tractive power

The Unimog with rail guidance system is universal, powerful and efficient. Its rubber road tyres operating on steel rails create a very favourable co-efficient of friction, generating high tractive and brake forces. These enable the Unimog to easily and safely move heavy loads up to 1000 t.
The torque converter of the Unimog with semi-automatic gearbox ensures a smooth shunting service and an ideal conversion of the engine output into high tractive forces with only a few changes of gears and without having to engage the clutch.


Road/rail equipment

For shunting, the Unimog is additionally equipped with a railway wagon brake system for loads of 400, 600 or 800 t. An efficient and safe shunting operation is granted by quick filling of the air tanks.

Different executions of rail coupling systems are available: mechanical or automatic ones, with lifting equipment or customer-tailored special versions. The vehicle is optionally available with radio remote control and can thus be operated by one driver only.

For further information, please refer to data sheets.


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