To us, sustainability means ecological and social sustainability.

  • Topics like environmental protection, occupational safety, compliance and sustainable sourcing are of high importance to us.
  • Our quality management is structured in a way that combines these important topics for us.
  • Besides an annual environmental package / environmental program, our goal is the strong integration of our suppliers and partners in this context. We are paying close attention that our suppliers and partners are also putting all essential points concerning compliance, environmental protection and occupational safety into practice.
  • Our employees are being trained and educated in this field on a regular basis. Our training program is highly flexible. This ensures that every employee receives the specific knowledge that is necessary for him or her to guarantee our quality standard.
  • We are getting additional support from an external expert for occupational safety so that the necessary instructions and safety regulations are being performed in an orderly and complete manner.
  • Our goal is the well-being of our employees at their workplace.

With appropriate internal standards and processes as well as by taking expedient measures we are working on the achievement and further development of our sustainability goals.

bronze medal award

In addition to this, we have been evaluated by the independent rating agency EcoVadis and have obtained the bronze medal!

This means that we are within the top 36 % of companies that have been rated by EcoVadis to date.

Our certifications emphasise our high aspiration for quality and sustainability.

Following certifications have been obtained to date:

ISO 9001:2015
Quality management systems

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental management systems

ECM 779/2019
Entity in charge of maintenance

DIN EN 15085-02 CL4
Welding of railway vehicles and components